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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Continuing Studies Requirements for the Degree

In order to graduate from Mount St. Mary’s University, students must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (2.75 for education majors). No fewer than 30 of the 120 hours must be earned at Mount St. Mary’s; at least 45 hours of the 120 must be from four-year institutions.

In addition, students must:

  • fulfill all requirements for the core curriculum
  • complete the courses and number of credit hours required by their major field of study
  • maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA both overall and in the major (2.75 cumulative GPA for education majors)

To be eligible for graduation ceremonies, students must have completed 114 credits by the end of the senior year fall semester prior to May Commencement http://msmary.edu/commencement. Attendance at commencement activities is strongly encouraged.

All students should check their records periodically with their advisors to ensure they are progressing toward fulfillment of graduation requirements.

The Core Curriculum

Mount St. Mary’s recognizes that to be truly educated one needs an understanding of the world, of the history and traditions of Western and non-Western culture and of science. College graduates should have proficiency in written and quantitative skills. To that end, the University requires students in its degree-completion programs to complete a core curriculum designed to give students general knowledge of the world around them. It includes the following courses:

GE 200 - Mount Seminar

Credits: (3)
Mount Seminar is designed as an introduction to the Mount St. Mary’s curriculum for Continuing Studies students. It initiates students into the skills and habits of higher education as students make the transition to accelerated college-level work. The course includes units on writing, speaking, critical thinking, research, computer use and reading. Required as a first or second course for Continuing Studies students at Mount St. Mary’s University.

ENGL 101 - College Writing

Credits: (3)
Develops students’ ability to use writing, reading, research, and thinking processes to create documented essays that demonstrate the conventions of academic writing.Students write for different audiences and purposes using a variety of rhetorical strategies. Students write in response to outside readings and are introduced to appropriate documentation procedures.

ARTS - - Art, Literature, Music, Theatre

Credits: (3)
Students fulfill this requirement by taking courses in a variety of liberal arts and humanities fields. Acceptable courses include art, literature, music theory, music history, and theatre.

HIST - - History

Credits: (3)
Students fulfill this requirement by taking a course in U.S. History, World History, or a special topic in History.

ARHI - - Arts, Humanities, History, Language

Credits: (3)
Students fulfill this requirement with a course in arts and humanities, history, or language.


SSCI - Social Science 

Credits: (3)

Students fulfill this requirment with an approved social science course.


GNSCI 1XX - Laboratory Science

Credits: (4)

Students fulfill this requirement by taking a science course, with laboratory.



Credits: (3)

Students fufill this requirment by taking an approved math course.



PHIL 200 Introduction to Philosophy (3)  *

PHIL 301 Moral Philosophy (3)  **


XXNW/XXGE XXX - Non-West/Global Encounters

Credits: (3)

Special topics in non-Western culture are offered in a variety of fields.



THEOL 212 Belief in Today’s World (3)  

THEOL 312 Encountering Christ (3)  ***



*PHIL 103  (is offered by the Emmitsburg campus & may be taken in place of PHIL 200 )

**PHIL 300  (may be taken in place of PHIL 301 )

***THEOL 212  replaces THEOL 200  and THEOL 312  replaces THEOL 202 . (THEOL 220  & THEOL 320  are offered by the Emmitsburg campus & may be taken in place of THEOL 212  &THEOL 312 ).

Recommended Courses to Fulfill Requirements

Course requirements listed above can be completed at a regionally accredited institution prior to enrolling in Mount St. Mary’s programs. Students should schedule an appointment for pre-admission advising to be certain of appropriate course selection of lower-level requirements.