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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies Minor

Director: Rosina H. Bolen (Science)

The interdisciplinary minor in environmental studies offers students the opportunity to explore the role and responsibilities of the individual and society in causing and addressing environmental problems.

Minor Requirements

18 credits:

Students may choose to complete the Environmental Science Focus  or the Environmental Values and Policy Focus:


Environmental Science Focus

Students in the Environmental Science Focus will take two environmental science courses with labs, and two environmental values and policy courses.

Environmental Values and Policy Focus

Students in the Environmental Values and Policy Focus will take four environmental values and policy courses.

Experiential Component(required for either Focus)


 All students are required to take BIOL 225 Environmental Science (4) . All students will be required to complete an Experiential Component (i.e., research project, internship, or independent study), which will be planned in consultation with the Environmental Studies Program director. No more than three courses can count toward both major and minor requirements.

Special courses of study may be designed in consultation with the director. For example, students in the Environmental Policy and Values Focus may be allowed to count an approved science course toward the minor. Students may also request that the director approve credit toward the minor for courses not currently listed under environmental studies. To be considered, such requests must have prior approval from the course instructor and document that the student’s work will include significant elements of environmental studies.

The science department also administers a custom-designed environmental studies major under the University’s interdisciplinary major program described in the Environmental Science, B.S.  Students interested in this major should contact the department chair as soon as possible.