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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree: Biology, B.S. + Biochemistry, B.S./Biotechnology & Management, M.S.

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More information about School of Natural Science and Mathematics:

A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for a Bachelor of Science, followed by 36 credits for the Master of Science in Biotechnology and Management.


Work at the interface of where science and business meet. The Mount’s MSB program provides the skills needed to advance your career in biotechnology by helping you effectively communicate with both scientists and business professionals. 

Our Dual Degree Program in Biotechnology and Management is designed for students interested in careers in the biotechnology sector who want to bridge the gap between science and business.

Our 5-year dual degree program provides a five-year pathway to earning a B.S. in Biology and/or Biochemistry and a M.S. in Biotechnology and Management preparing you to apply your skills in the biotechnology industry in the areas of product development, project management, data analytics and regulatory affairs, among others. 

There are two phases to the Dual Degree program:

Phase I:  Students pursing the dual degree pathway will enroll at the MSMU Emmitsburg (main) campus to pursue their BS degree in either biology or biochemistry.  Completion of the BS degree requires a minimum of 120 credits and fulfilling the requirements of the both the core curriculum and major. Students will apply for acceptance into the dual degree program during the fall semester of year three and begin phase II by transitioning into the MS program during year four.

Phase II During year four, students will complete major requirements for the BS and begin course work in the Master’s program.  Our flexible course format allows students on the main campus to attend graduate classes, held on our Frederick campus, either in person or via web conferencing.   Full-time graduate course work combines advanced training in both science and business areas and begins in the summer between years four and five with all graduate course work offered either in person at our Frederick campus or via web conferencing.


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Application Process and Timeline:

Students interested in pursuing the 5-year dual degree will indicate their interest to their academic advisor prior to their third year.  Formal application to the program will occur during phase I, in fall of the 3rd year with an application deadline of January 1.  Eligible students will have a 2.75 or higher overall GPA and will have earned a C+ or higher in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology. 

To apply, visit https://msmary.edu/graduate-applications.html

Core Requirements (46 to 49 credits)

Major Requirements



-Students interested in graduate school are advised to complete:


-Students condsidering medical or professional work in Biochemistry research are advised to select:

BIOCH 406 Biochemistry II (4) , CHEM 304 Physical Chemistry II (3) , CHEM 420 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (4)  as elective courses.

-Exceptional students may double major in Biochemistry and either Biology or Chemistry by taking all the courses required of both majors. To complete the double major in four years, students, generally need Advanced Placement, summer school or overload in credits.

Sample Five Year Sequence

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

FSYM 101 The First Year Symposium (3) 

 World Languages I (3)

BIOL 110 Introduction to Biology I (4) 

CHEM 101 General Chemistry I (4) 

14 credits  

Spring Semester 

Foundations in Social Science (3)

World Languages II (3)

BIOL 111 Introduction to Biology II (4) 

CHEM 102 General Chemistry II (4) 

14 credits 

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

MATH 211 Mathematical Thinking (3) 

BIOL 221 Genetics (4) 

CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry (4) 

MATH 247 Calculus I (4) 

15 credits 

Spring Semester 

PHIL 103 Foundations of Philosophy (3) 

WCIV 102 Origins of the West (3) 

BIOL XXX Organismal Biology Elective (4)

CHEM 202 Organic Chemistry (4) 

MATH 248 Calculus II (4) 

18 credits 

Junior Year 

Fall Semester

WCIV 201 The Western Imagination: the Renaissance to the Great War (3) 

PHIL 203 Philosophy in the Modern Age (3) 

BIOL XXX Ecology & Evolution Elective (4)

BIOCH 405 Biochemistry I (4) 

PHYS 201 General Physics I (4) 

18 credits

Spring Semester

THEOL 220 Foundations of Theology: Faith and Revelation (3) 

AMER 202 America in the World (3) 

BIOL 2XX, 3XX, 4XX Upper level Biology Elective (4)

BIOL 420 Molecular and Cellular Biology (4) 

PHYS 202 General Physics II (4) 

18 credits

Senior Year 

Fall Semester 

THEOL 320 Encountering Christ (3) 

XXMO 300 Modernity in Lit./Art/Music/Theatre (3)

CHEM 210 Analytical Chemistry (4) 

CHEM 303 Physical Chemistry I (5) 

BIOL 410 Seminar (1) or CHEM 410 Seminar (1) 

15 credits 

Spring Semester

THEOL/PHIL 300 Ethics and the Human Good (3)

XXGE 3XX Global Encounters (3)

Elective (3)

Spring 1

BIOL 520 Molecular Genetics (3) (counts as MSB 520)

Spring 2

BIOL 620 Biotechnology and FDA Regulations (3) (counts as MSB 620)

15 credits 

Summer Semester

Summer 1 MSB 501 Biostats (3)

Summer 1 MSB 630 Bioethics (3)

Summer 2 MSB 530 Bioinformation (3)

9 credits 

Year 5

Fall 1

BIOL 510 Protein Biochemistry (3) (counts as MSB 510)

Approved MSB Elective (3)

Fall 2

MSB 615 Experimental Design (3)

9 credits 

Spring 1

Approved MSB Elective (3)

MSB 645 Drug Discovery (3)

Spring 2

Approved MSB Elective (3)

MSB 690 Capstone (2)

11 credits

Summer 1

MSB 691 Capstone (1)

1 credit

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