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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education, B.S.

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More information about School of Education :

A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

Core Requirements (46 to 49 credits)


9 credits


To earn a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.75.

Because of the specific sequence of course offerings in the program, it is necessary for students to start education courses in the freshman year. Students starting education courses after that time may need additional semesters to complete their program.

Optional Certifications:Art Certification (P-12)  or  World Languages Certification (P-12)  

Student Learning Outcomes

Mount St. Mary’s develops educators who are able to:

  • demonstrate the content and pedagogical knowledge, skills and dispositions to effect student learning (proficient)
  • examine learning to shape their practice (reflective)
  • demonstrate commitment to the diversity, dignity, equality and rights of the individual (ethical)
  • demonstrate leadership as active participants in the education community (leading)
  • respond to the demands of an increasingly diverse technological and global society (adaptive)

An advisor in the education department will be assigned upon the student’s admission to a teacher education program. The student is responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements and deadlines for internship, program completion and certification, as well as ll graduation requirements of the major department and of the University. This Maryland Approved Program meets Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certification requirements. Students are advised to consult certification requirements in states of interest early in their study.

Sample Four Year Sequence

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

FSYM 101 The First Year Symposium (3)  

MATH 108 Concepts of Mathematics for Teachers I (3)  

World Languages I (3)

EDUC 100 Foundations of American Education (4)   (Required Social Science for Education majors)

1st GNSCI 1XX Lab Science  (4)

17 credits

Spring Semester

WCIV 102 Origins of the West (3)  

PHIL 103 Foundations of Philosophy (3)  

World Languages II (3)

2nd GNSCI 1XX Lab Science (4)

MATH 109 Concepts of Mathematics for Teachers II (3)  

16 credits

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

WCIV 201 The Western Imagination: The Renaissance to the Great War (3)  

PHIL 203 Philosophy in the Modern Age (3)  

EDUC 228 Processes and Acquisition of Reading (4)  

MATH 211 Mathematical Thinking (3)  

SPED 308 Introduction to Exceptional Children (4)  

EDUC 203 Sophomore Fall Field Experience (0)  

17 credits

Spring Semester

THEOL 220 Foundations of Theology: Faith and Revelation (3)  

EDUC 208 Learning Theory and Human Development (4)  

SPED 339 Reading Assessment and Intervention (4)  

Elective (3)

AMER 202 America in the World (3)  

EDUC 204 Sophomore Spring Field Experience (0)  

17 credits


Junior Year

Fall Semester

THEOL 320 Encountering Christ (3)  

EDUC 300 Modernity in Education (3)  

EDUC 202 Materials for Teaching Reading (4)  

3rd GNSCI 1XX Lab Science (4)

Elective (3)

EDUC 311 Junior Fall Field Experience (0)  

17 credits

Spring Semester

EDUC 350 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (4)  

EDUC 351 Teaching Science and Social Studies in the Elementary School (4)  

EDUC 313 Instruction of Reading (4)  

EDUC 386 Spring Elementary Internship I (0)  

12 credits 


Senior Year

Fall Semester

EDUC 480 Teacher Internship/Elementary (8)  

EDUC 496 PPAT Seminar (4)  

12 credits

Spring Semester

EDGE 343 Globalization and Education (3)  

THEOL/PHIL 300 Ethics and The Human Good (3)

XXMO 300 Modernity in Lit/Art/Music/Theatre (3)

Elective (3)

12 credits



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