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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

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Dean: Peter A. Dorsey

Professors: Elizabeth Holtry, Andrew Rosenfeld

Associate Professors: Kurt E. Blaugher, Mark Carlson, J. Nicholas Hutchings (Chair)

Francesca R. Aguado, Lecturer in Voice
Laura Armstrong, Lecturer in Clarinet and Saxophone
Brian Bartoldus, Lecturer in Music
Aurora Bonner, Lecturer in Graphic Design and Basic Design
Benjamin B. Buhrman, Lecturer/Technical Theatre Director
Devin Howell, Lecturer in Contrabass
Danielle Karppala, Lecturer in Cello
Matthew Ogden, Lecturer in Bassoon
John Pursell, Lecturer in Trumpet
William J. Simms, Lecturer in Guitar
Jeff Stern, Lecturer in Percussion
Patricia Stockman, Lecturer in Digital Photography
Suzanne E. Sweigart, Lecturer in Voice
James Tung, Lecturer in Violin
John Wickelgren, Lecturer in Piano
Jennifer Witt, Lecturer in Flute

Any student studying the fine and performing arts in depth must receive a thorough grounding in the historical and theoretical aspects of the arts, as well as hands-on studio and performing experiences. The study of the arts at any level, however, whether extracurricular, co-curricular, curricular, or as a major or minor, can be the fuel for a lifelong understanding of culture and civilization for any liberally educated person.

For these reasons, study in the visual and performing arts can be part of any student’s educational experience at the Mount. Core courses in visual and performing arts allow students to explore the broader cultural and intellectual contexts of the artistic achievements of Western civilization. Interested students may also enrich their artistic experience through courses that focus on particular periods, genres and art forms. A major or minor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts provides students with a theoretical and practical foundation to pursue further study or a career not only in the arts, but any field that demands critical and analytic thinking, creative problem-solving and effective communication skills.

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts offers a major in fine arts concentrating in art, music or theatre.

Students who study the fine arts will develop:

  • An understanding of the role of the arts as a vehicle for the communications of the principles of justice, dignity, freedom, and responsibility in a global human society
  • An understanding of the arts as a key component of the Western humanist tradition, as that tradition has been interpreted in Catholic thought and practice
  • An understanding of the intellectual process of one or more specific arts disciplines, namely Fine Art, Theatre, or Music, as well as the development of critical skills
  • Proficiency in the applied techniques and methods of one or more of these arts
  • An understanding of the successful artistic statement as the product of the disciplined, systematic process of technical and intellectual preparation.


    Bachelor of Arts

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