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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Philosophy

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Dean: Dr. Peter A. Dorsey

Professors Emeritus: Dr. Gertrude D. Conway, Dr.  William J. Collinge

Professors: Dr. Joshua Hochschild

Associate Professors: Dr. Christopher J. Anadale, Dr. Richard Buck, Dr. Jessy Jordan, Dr. Michael R. Miller, Dr.Thane M. Naberhaus (Chair)

Assistant Professors: Dr. John Hersey, Dr. Justin J. Matchulat,

The study of philosophy is central to a Catholic liberal arts education dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the formation of students in Christian humanism. Courses in the philosophy department seek to (1) cultivate critical reasoning skills, (2) impart knowledge of and foster respect for the history of philosophy, and (3) stimulate lifelong reflection on those questions fundamental to an understanding of the human condition and its possibilities.

The goal of critical reflection is addressed by offering a course in logic, by teaching the principles of logic in the sophomore core curriculum, and by emphasizing the analysis of arguments in all philosophy courses. The goal of informed appreciation of the history of philosophy is addressed by the historical focus emphasized in core and elective courses. The habit of lifelong reflection is fostered by reasoned examination of the nature of the human person, the goods humans appropriately value, the principles governing their conduct, and their relation to the wider world, their fellow human beings and God. Through its minor and major, the department further addresses these goals by providing opportunities for advanced coursework and preparation for graduate studies.

In keeping with its central role within the liberal arts tradition, philosophy promotes the integration of learning by exploring its relationship to other academic disciplines and professional pursuits. By developing the skills of reasoning, reading, writing and dialogue, the department serves foundational elements of the core curriculum and prepares students for responsible citizenship in a democratic society and global community.


    Bachelor of Arts

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