Sep 22, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Science

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Professor: Patricia J. Kreke, Christine McCauslin (chair), Danny G. Miles, Jr., Jeffrey Simmons, Jennifer L. Staiger

Associate Professors: Kathryn Dye, Dana P. Ward

Assistant Professors: Rosina Bolen, Abigail Kula, Susan Mertins, Patrick M. Lombardi, Isaac N. Mills, Garth E. Patterson, Andrea Solis, Michael J. Turner

Lecturers: Sarah M. Brown, Anne Marie Lyons, Annette Weintraub

The Department of Science aims to give students an understanding of fundamental concepts and techniques of study in their major fields. More important, we hope to instill in them a spirit of curiosity and habits of thinking objectively and analytically. We also strive to foster an awareness of the relation of the physical and biological sciences to the major problems facing individuals and society, and the need for an interdisciplinary approach to these problems.

Students are assigned as advisees to faculty members in their major fields for counseling related to their general academic progress. Those students interested in attending medical school, dental school, physician assistant school, pharmacy school or veterinary school or pursuing other health professions after graduating from the Mount are encouraged to consult with the health professions advisor (HPA) as soon as possible following enrollment. Working with their faculty advisors and the HPA, students obtain help with appropriate course selection, professional school entrance exam preparation, application materials and guidance, and support for interviews. In addition, the HPA should be consulted for general advising issues regarding professional school selection. Students interested in pursuing a career in nursing should consult with the pre-nursing advisor. Students interested in pursuing graduate training in the sciences should consult with their faculty advisor regarding experiential learning, preparedness and school selection.


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